Sharon Ikechi is a product manager that collaborates with teams to build products and experiences that provide value to people. She is also passionate about leveraging technology to curate innovative learning experiences for developing talent. She has worked on products in Edtech and Fintech and is currently doing amazing stuff at Symply.

What is Agile Product Management?

To explain Agile Product Management, let’s start with what product management is all about. It’s about working with teams to build the right product in the right way. (let’s break this down further)

Nonso is a Product Manager and Analyst at Riby. He started off his career as a project manager back in his university days while still actively involved in school politics. He held positions as House representative for the Physics department at the Faculty of Science, General Secretary, Faculty of Science Election board, and Class Rep. He studied Applied Physics and majored in Electronics. He started off his professional career as a Project manager at Kreador tech before moving to Riby Finance as a Product Analyst and Product Manager. …

Ojimaojo Udale-Ameh is a brilliant Software Engineer curious about Products, Distribution, and Ecosystems. He is currently doing amazing stuff at PiggyVest, as their Engineering Manager.

What are the collaborative ways a PM and EM can work together to deal with mistrust and communication issues from their Engineering team?

Largely, mistrust and communication issues arise because the role of the PM and the EM overlap and may have different goals and priorities from time to time. The PM wants to have total control of the roadmap and the EM wants to prioritize resources to several things that may be invisible to the PM at the time but PMs may see it as swaying from the roadmap they have. …

Jennifer is a Data scientist and transitioning Data Engineer at Interswitch group.

How long have you been a Data Scientist and what inspired you to be one?

I’ve been a data Scientist give or take 2 years plus, I love control- being in control of my future and destiny so when I heard about statistics and the fact that I could literally predict my future; if I have enough data! I was like yes! This is the place for me and naturally, it progressed into data science and now engineering!

What are the specific challenges you face at work, that you can directly tie to gender bias?

I really love where I work, It’s not perfect but I think I’m very fortunate there are not a lot of challenges I face because…

Kachi is a well-versed Product designer, doing his best work at Paystack. He is currently working on their Product suite and internal tools.

What collaborative skills should a Product Manager have, to be able to understand the work that a Product Designer does, bearing in mind that both parties have a common goal of improving user experience?

Product knowledge, credibility, empathy, and communication are some of the biggest ones that immediately come to mind.

  • Empathy: for both teammates and customers
  • Credibility: People on your team need to be able to trust that you have your domain covered
  • And communication, which I think…

Debbie is passionate about building products that make the user’s life easy. She has experience in Project and Product Management and has been able to spearhead the development and delivery of exceptional products and services to customers. She is the Lead Product Manager at Mint Digital Bank and is currently working on Lending, Core Banking, and Savings Products.

“Most of us want to make the world a better place to live in, let’s start by building products that work” — Debbie Ogana

In very simple terms, what is a roadmap?

A product roadmap is a high-level, strategic document that outlines the phases of a product’s development. Product roadmaps…

Olamide Akomolafe is a multidisciplinary product manager that just enjoys building and analyzing products, experiences and providing value for people using digital tools. He has worked on products in healthcare, the creator economy, e-commerce, fintech, etc. He is currently doing amazing stuff at Eden life.

What is a P.R.D and why is it important?

A PRD is short for product requirement document, that explains WHAT and HOW a product works. It’s a documentation that is very important because it ties different parts of a product team and overall company together. It varies from product team to product team and differs from products themselves to the product in the content.

What are the “must-haves” in a PRD?

Olushola started his career in the Telecoms industry working on SMS, USSD, and Web-based VAS products in a software developer capacity for Imaginarium Creative, a technology company in Lagos. In the last couple of years, he’s had the opportunity to work for and alongside notable brands like MTN, Airtel, 9mobile, 51 Lex to mention a few. He is currently the CTO at Imaginarium and the co-founder of Script Desk.

What are the skills Software Engineers expect Product Managers to possess?

Firstly, I think any PM should understand Data. How to harness data use data to scale the product. Secondly. Understand the Industry/Target Market or potential users. If you don’t understand your…

Simi recently joined the Product Team at Kuda MFB and has worked on dummy projects in the Health, Finance, and Recruitment product space. She has a wealth of experience in Product Support and TV Hosting. In her free time, Simi is either eating, sleeping, or brainstorming with friends.

How did you find out about your most recent job vacancy? (Was it a referral or was it advertised?

It was initially shared on a Product Slack Channel before I checked it out on Twitter.

What did they require of you during the application process; CV, Resume, Cover letter, Portfolio or any other unique thing, etc?

The job role advertised was an entry-level role. The job requirement was a basic knowledge about certain Product functions such as Documentations, Roadmapping, People Management with Design & Engineering, and so on.

There was no unique…

Samuel Olowookere is a former additive manufacturing engineer, a graduate of Mechanical [Industrial] Engineering. Motivated by his love for simplifying and solving problems; In 2019, He transitioned to product management to create fulfilling [life] experiences for people.

Samuel has experience with products, solving problems across the fintech and Edtech sectors. He is currently a product manager at Mikro Solutions, Inc. A fintech in Nigeria making financial services accessible for micro-businesses.

Samuel, What prompted you to switch to Product Management, and how has your journey been?

I like the quote “curiosity killed the cat”. I try to remind myself I’m not a [or the] cat.

My curiosity was my motivation to study Mechanical (industrial) engineering. When…

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